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Another thing I found and haven’t had a chance to look at properly:

I’m really getting into this new way of bookmarking. Blog post as bookmark. Yes! And I can come back later and annotate. I like annotating, writing in the margins. Thinking on paper.

I have actually tried the quiz above. Failed miserably. Except the where is north question. But what the growing season is from last frost to first frost. NO idea. Sunrise? I can guess but I don’t think I’ll get it right. Hmmm let’s say 7:15 am? And the answer is 7:28 am. So yes I was wrong.

Looks like I have some serious home-place discovery to do.


big history

I’ve just been checking my email and have been sucked into the ‘ooo this is interesting ‘ vortex. I’ve been here before many many times. It doesn’t end well. I worry endlessly about screen time when it comes to the small person in my life but I completely forget that screen time takes over my life too. And, like the small person, I end up cranky tired and red-eyed trying to account for another lost two hours.

But I digress into another yawning vortex.

I meant to link to Personalising Big History an article by Darcy Moore on ABC’s Splash ed portal (which I mean to look at more than I do).

I didn’t know anything about Big History – and as I type this I still don’t – but I’ve linked to the Big History Project website Macquarie University’s Big Historian, Prof David Christian’s Ted Talk and even the Big History Project YouTube Channel and National Geographic’s Genographic Project to find out more.

oooo that’s one hell of a vortex I’m spinning into…




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